The post I'm postponing for days now...

This is mostly for me anyway... but I decided to make a list of my fandoms... Past and Present... And I'll Probably be editing this as I remember my fandoms (or start new ones)

Updated: Oct/12/12

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but I don't think that this list is complete... not by far... x.X

Talked to ayame_kazutaka about canon romance and all that... and I came to the conclusion that unless the series/movie is stated as romance, its needless to put romance on it... I mean... I won't watch CSI to see Grissom and Sara kissing... or whatever... if I want romance, I'll go and read fanfic because then I'll read the pairing I want... or something... not that I'll stop watching something because of the romance, but sometimes I'm really tempted to... =x (but the way they're leading the Booth/Bones romance makes me want them to kiss soon ¬¬ so I'm re-thinking my position =P)

But... this is my opinion... so, please, no flames...

Teen Wolf Plot Bunny for Adoption

Posting this everywhere in hopes someone adopt it.

So, I’ve a theory that were Jackson to ever be a Werewolf, he would be an omega.

All that badass-ness of his us just bravado and only when there’s no “pack” around. I mean, he is genuinely scared of Derek (a stronger wolf) and Scott can see right through that façade of his.

Of course, Jackson hates this weakness. He also hates not fitting anywhere anymore. Fact is, Derek’s mating mark scratch was enough to send the “werewolf toxin” to his bloodstream so he isn’t exactly human anymore. But the toxin is so diluted he isn’t a Werewolf too. And that is killing him. Literally. His body is shutting down. Well… not exactly. His body is trying to change. But the toxin is so diluted his cells are changing and being destroyed by his own immunological system. So, yeah, he is dying.

And he doesn’t know what is worse: dying or becoming an omega.

Can be slash of the Derek/Jackson variety or gen (just no Derek/anyone-else-who-is-not-Jackson, please).
[B/M]Lean on Me

And she comes back to rant

*cleans the dust*

So kiddies, today we'll talk about a serious subject... that kinda left me awake all night, raging.

So... time for the sex talk.

First of all, I'll say I'm in no way a fan of PDA... I'm really uncomfortable when I'm entering the bus and I see a guy and a girl almost fucking in the seat. but that happens. Such is life. And since a boy and a girl can do it, why, then, can't two guys? Or two girls? Why only I have to be uncomfortable? Equal rights, folks.

Here in Brazil we are halfway to approve a law that criminalizes homophobia. And that is great!

Except there's this Religious leader that says that approving this law is akin to legalizing pedophilia.

My first reaction to his comment was "WHAT?!?!?"

My second reaction was "Please die. Slowly and painfully"

And finally, my third was "Doesn't he knows that the majority of pedophiles are inside the church?"

Then I calmed myself and thought "okay, it is his right to think like that. Just as it is my right to think he deserves to burn."

But me agreeing he can think like that doesn't mean I agree he can share those thoughts with the world. The world is a sad and bigoted place already without him flaming the war. He, as a religious leader can mold the minds of people. Then why not help make the world a better place? Isn't his god a god of peace and love? Violence, I say. Not that people listen to me.

But still. Sex. The reason of this rant.

So... Once upon a time (5 years ago), there was a boy (underage at the time), that took some photos to an editorial for a now defunct magazine. And he was kissing another boy and they were half naked in a jacuzzi. The photos are really beautiful. I know. I saved a few of them myself. Also? His mother allowed them. Signed for them even. Now? just 'cause he is on a somewhat famous tv show his lawyers are threatening to sue everyone who still has the photos online.

And I wouldn't mind that... I swear I wouldn't. I mean, even if the guy doesn't mind the pics being online, the TV station minds (don't know why, with the tv shows they're airing but still...), his Rep. mind and his manager mind. So take them off... or whatever.

But then you go on the internet and the people are hating, raging and accusing.

You might say "but it is the internet. Surely you know how it works". And yes, I do. but it is the sheer immaturity of the people that makes me mad.

So what if the boy in question is gay? So what if he is not? Will it change your life? Will it bring you closer to sleep with him? No. To all my questions.

I could go on and say "Damn, wouldn't it be cool if Naya Rivera liked girls the same way her Santana does?" It wouldn't change a damn thing whether she likes girls or not. She doesn't know me from anyone she passes on the streets on a busy day. The same way I could wish Darren Hayes liked girls. I could but would it change a thing? No.

What people do inside their rooms is their business and their business alone. Will it stop me from fantasize? No. Because they are my thoughts and if they make me feel cherished, so be it. If makes you happy, fantasize. Just don't rage because the boy might or not like boys. Won't change a thing in your life.

Respecting him, and everyone else, otherwise, might make you a better person.

If not? you're just like those guys, here in Brazil, that want to create the "Straight Pride Parade". Stupid and bigoted.

If anyone agrees with anything I say here and wants to share this with anyone, I'd be happy. Change whatever you need to.


Gosh... almost a year without posting and the first time posting back will be a meme... x.X

Well... here we go.. let's see if I still remember how to navigate around here =x

Tagged by efeitokaminari

What song are you currently addicted to?
Currently?? hum... me thinks Lucky (the Glee version, not the original)... Mombassa from the Inception OST and She & Him's Why do you let me stay here (yeah, the question says only one, I'm a rule breaker, sue me...)

What's your favorite season?
Winter, which, in Brazil isn't saying a lot, but I really do prefer the colder season...

What's the latest movie you watched?
in the movies? Inception, about 3 times...home, I believe it was Dead Poets Society (in which I cried like a baby)

What is the one skill you wish you had?
I really don't know...Every skill I wanna have I fight tooth and nail to have.

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Really?? I know I disappeared from LJ, but me saying I watched Inception 3 times says something, doesn't it??

Favourite time of day?
Midnight on Friday, because I'm already home from college and I have the whole weekend ahead of me... Otherwise, 6 AM 'cause I usually wake up, look to the clock and think that I still have th whole morning to do whatever.

What web sites do you always visit when you go online?
Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Livejournal.

What was the last thing you bought?
Clothes and DVDs.

If you won 10,000 bucks today, what would you do with it?
I'd buy clothes, and DVDs and books (and be broke by the end of the day)

What is your fondest memory?
Fondest?? Can't say I remember x.X

What's the last thing that made you happy?
So man things happen everyday to make me happy, I can't name just one... I have wonderful friends like this =)

Do you want to learn another language?
Yep, but since I'm broke I usually learn these things by myself... Am trying French now =).

Five things you can't live without.
Nail polisher, my mobile, my PC, my friends and money (as efeitokaminari noted, I have to pay for my basic needs, right?).

She said to tag 7 people... but since I'm a rule breaker (and I disappeared from here since... well, forever...) I'll tag no one but the ones who still visit here and want to do this =)


So... Vampires... and tween books don't mix well me thinks...

I can get 3 books series and one tv show (that i remember of) and compare them and come with very few diferences...

so, we have True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Twilight (and buffy - as the tv show)...

and we have BuffyBellaSookieElena a.k.a Mary Sue, girl so normal she is not (buffy is a whiny!slayer, Bella is a whiny!clumsy with her mind constantly on mute were Edward is concerned, Sookie can read minds but works on a dinner and Elena is a whiny!bitch... - seriously, after I read the first VD book my first though was "this is the heroine they're trying to sell me?? she's an evil bitch who would sell her mother if she was alive so she could talk to Stefan") who is in love with AngelEdwardBillStefan tall, dark, misterious and moody and also in love with SpikeJacobEricDamon the sassy, witty, spirituous, the-guy-everyone-wants guy. And the guys, of course, will fight to death for her -.-

And they (the girls) are "oh so" perfect everyone wants them... now, for real, would you want a girl like them?? >.<


now... my mobile was stolen a few days back... and just now I bought a new one... its a Motorola EM30... anyone can tell me anything about it?? I mean... I mostly use my mobile for music but I'd be really sad if I spent that much money on "trash" =x

gotta go back to my studies =P



Got robbed today... stupid bad guy took my mobile with all my music, amazing mobile wallpapers, my puppy (Cindy - the one who died a few months ago) photos and worst of all, ALL MY GODDAMNED contacts ¬¬ *kills self* some numbers there I'll never be able to get back ;_;

I need some feel good fic... please?? ;_;